Thursday, May 19, 2011

yummy summer hair

One of my favorite thing about summer (besides sundresses and sandals) is loose and messy hair. I call it beach or summer hair. I have very thick and wavy hair. Most days I wake up and look like I crawled out of a Whitesnake video. My hair spends most of fall, winter and a majority of spring being flat ironed or curled with the flat iron. I think my hair breathes a sigh of relief once summer rolls around because I just it does what it wants. Sometimes I'll add a little product to it. Most of the time it's in my famous messy bun or in some loose up do that involves braids. I like rolling up a bandanna or one of my cute vintage scarves and tying it with a messy bun. This way it keeps the "baby hairs" or "fly aways" from attacking my face at the beach or when it gets breezy. Above are some summer hair inspirations. What's your summer hair care ritual?

(all photos from pinterest)